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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Check if Error log button appears at the bottom of GUI panel after emulation has been started. It should explain the problem.

If not, try selecting small amount of RAM. Big RAM (as in >256M or more) generally require 64-bit Windows. Very big RAM sizes require also 64-bit WinUAE.

Windows 10 64Bit 16 GB RAM , I5-3470 and AMD R9-290 4GB VRAM.
So its a relative good sytem who is able to play modern Games with ease.
No Log Button appears and i tried what has been said but still. Same Problem. WINUAE RAM-usage is 212MB in Taskmanager.

No Matter what i set up low but it always reverts. Even Zorro III is not usable. It jumps back to Zorro II

Sorry if my questions are noobish but im not much into WINUAE Yet.
Maybe i should try a Rollback to older version.
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