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Originally Posted by Kai View Post
Okay - updated with decoupling caps:

Schematic, gerbers etc all updated.

Rotated the PLCC socket and instantly it only required 23 via's once the routing was finished
You are quick! Are you using an autorouter? It would take me a few days to manually route a board like this. It seems like an autorouted board as the decoupling caps are not routed properly. The decoupling caps need to be very close to the IC's they are decoupling. On your board they are all in one place and connected via long, thin traces. This *can* work if you are using a 4-layer board (the all in one place part, not the long thin traces part, just look at the layout of the Terasic DE1 FPGA board for example) but with a 2-layer board decoupling is very critical. Also, you need proper ground connections (wide copper traces, copper pours). Autorouters are generally not good at this. I would say that this board would still behave unstable. I like your style though, the board does look very nice with it's 45deg angled edges

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