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Originally Posted by B14ck W01f View Post
I didn't have any problem with this in the 3.6.x series, but I am trying right now to add an 50MB SCSI hard drive (A2091) that has 2 partitions: DH0: (20MB) and DH1: (30MB), both are FFS partitions.

You create these as normal in HDToolbox, click "Save Changes to Drive", then reset. After WB boots up, DH1: doesn't appear. When I go into HDToolbox, I find out that it was reset into 1 partition. The last time I recreate this bug, I had a white dialog box that said that drives were added or removed from the system and that I had to save the changes. I also found out it was created as a Custom partition. Log is below.

After that, I created a 40MB HD in 4.0.0, also with 2 partitions. But didn't have a problem with it. So maybe there is a bug that prevents the creation of HDs exceeding a certain size?
Looks like you didn't have RDB mode enabled. 4.0 allows some SCSI commands when using partition hardfiles (no RDB mode) and directory harddrives but not reads or writes and apparently hdtoolbox ignores some errors.
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