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I didn't have any problem with this in the 3.6.x series, but I am trying right now to add an 50MB SCSI hard drive (A2091) that has 2 partitions: DH0: (20MB) and DH1: (30MB), both are FFS partitions.

You create these as normal in HDToolbox, click "Save Changes to Drive", then reset. After WB boots up, DH1: doesn't appear. When I go into HDToolbox, I find out that it was reset into 1 partition. The last time I recreate this bug, I had a white dialog box that said that drives were added or removed from the system and that I had to save the changes. I also found out it was created as a Custom partition. Log is below.

After that, I created a 40MB HD in 4.0.0, also with 2 partitions. But didn't have a problem with it. So maybe there is a bug that prevents the creation of HDs exceeding a certain size?
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