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Just to comment that I don't have a Vampire, so I can not try anything with it, but it seems that everybody is running AKReal without problems with it:

Recent videos:

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or this:

Originally Posted by pcotter View Post
AmikitReal Vampirizer

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RC2 ready to be tested
I'm glad that it's so easy to run it vampirized. Thanks for the youtube videos, tutorials from time ago or whatever. Also, congratulations @pcotter for such a nice vampirized setup. Well, please remember that this version is called AKReal instead of AmiKit Real or AmiKit.

And just to comment that I've started the WIP of the next update and I've just tried Femu with WinUAE, and it lets me run PostED without an FPU, just like I've always wanted.

I know that Femu won't work fast, but I think -I've got to try it in the real miggy- that a program like PostED doesn't need anything fast.

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