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Originally Posted by andyhants View Post
Hi I've just purchased the AKReal V9 Distro from your website the main reason being to see if the AmiNet Radio config you have setup can help me to correctly configure ANR in my current production AmiKit 8 install.

I want to install AKReal V9 seperately from any of my other WINUAE Distros so my question is to get started can I use the ClassicWB OS3.9 Distro as the 'clean AmigaOS3.9 installation' as required in your installation instructions then proceed with the AKReal V9 install?

Hi andyhants. No, it will make a mess of things there. A clean install is just that, a clean install. OS3.1 plus OS3.9 plus BB1 plus BB2. Make a backup of that OS3.9 BB2 because it's always useful to have it.

Originally Posted by portarinos View Post
Hey Retrofan, good job once again. I really appreciate what you are doing and i admit that i enjoy a lot all the distros so far. One question before i purchase AK9: have you tried running it under Amibian (Raspberry Pi)? I tried to install v8.8 with such a setup in the past but had trouble with Picasso and it hanged. Any ideas or suggestions on what to activate/deactivate?
Hi portarinos. Yes, AmigaSystem is right, whenever you need to install your own RTG config you have to start disabling CyberbugFixAga in the S-S for example. You can also use "DisableCGX&Birdie" in Tools, but it will also disable Birdie. That tool disables both because without Cyberbugfix you have few chip mem till you install RTG.
If you want to see/use a RTG config you can try it on WinUAE (configured to have a Picasso IV zorro III -There's a WinUAE config in post 1-) using Morpheuz and making three-four clicks, like in the videos I linked.

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