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I really hate that uaelib demux stuff because it requires absolute jump address to UAE ROM. It is really non-Amiga like and really ugly way to do it. (This forces UAE boot rom at $f00000 which is annoying with some configs if it needs to also support demux stuff. UAE itself does not require it.)

Thats why I want to do it more Amiga-like, method that does not require any magic numbers or magic addresses.

I can do Amiga side test cases if I am happy enough with the API

get_real_address() is safe as long as memory is RAM or ROM. (not IO-like). addr_valid() can be used to check it.

Data cache emulation is already impossible if any UAE-side expansion is enabled. Handling cache compatible writes or reads from another thread would be really difficult without making CPU emu slow and complex. (Some kind of message queue would be needed at least)
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