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Originally Posted by Hungry Horace View Post
Surely you re-use the same code on both?
Yes, but there are some small differences. For example, FS-UAE Arcade defaults to fullscreen_mode = window (along with hiding the Mac menu bar / tray) - to make it work better when opening "fullscreen" from another already fullscreen app - while FS-UAE Launcher details to fullscreen_mode = desktop.

You can see this in the logs:
using fullscreen window mode
setting (fullscreen) video mode 1680 1050
SDL_CreateWindow(x=0, y=0, w=1680, h=1050, flags=18)
using fullscreen dektop mode
setting (fullscreen) video mode 960 540
SDL_CreateWindow(x=358, y=265, w=960, h=540, flags=4131)
(in the last example, the fullscreen size is "wrong", these coordinates/sizes are intended for the window when switched to window mode).

You can try to put an explicit fullscreen_mode = desktop in FS-UAE Launcher settings (and quit) before starting Arcade, to force FS-UAE Arcade to use that mode and see what happens then...
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