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Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
Forget it, I thought it was needed.
A floppy file system could need it in order to distinct between DD and HD floppies. But not a hard disk file system.

Originally Posted by Toni Wilen View Post
A590 with pre-7.0 ROM and CDTV SCSI expansion (all available ROM versions) have 1G limit (returns error if >1G access) when using CMD_READ/WRITE but HD_SCSICMD is "unlimited".

AFAIK there are also other old true SCSI controllers that convert CMD_READ/WRITE to SCSI Read(6) and Write(6) which has 1G limit. HD_SCSICMD and Read/Write(10) works fine, even if drive is >4G. (But on the other hand some controllers simply hang if drive is too big..)

This is the remaining annoying problem.

ADDED: I guess this should work: if end of partition is <4G and CMD_READ fails, re-read using HD_SCSICMD SCSI Read(6). Select DS if it succeeds.
If Read(6) has the same limit as CMD_READ, then it would be better to use Read(10) instead, wouldn't it?
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