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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
File system does not need disk size. It gets geometry from DOS during mount. It should first check for NSD / TD64 and only if both aren't supported fall back to DS. Then it could try to read the last block of the partition (given by Surfaces/BlocksPerTrack/HighCyl) to check whether DS works or not.
I forgot TD_GETGEOMETRY returns "fake" data.

We probably have totally different point of view. From my point of view backwards compatibility must not be broken at any cost and it must work even if used with some broken (for example crashes or does something strange if unsupported command is sent) late 1980s A500 controller.

Which means NDS/TD64 test can cause problems, which probably is the reason for original separation of normal and DS versions. (Maybe I am too paranoid but I remember reading about these kinds of buggy controllers)
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