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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
What does dostype have to do with it? If you have only one load module, you need only one dostype. Two dostypes were only needed if you installed PFS3 and PFS3ds at the same time. But if you incorporate Direct-SCSI support into the TD64 module so that it automatically selects DS if TD64 does not work, then different dostype is no longer needed. FFS V44 (FFSTD64) does it the same way. And SFS, too (selects either TD64 or NSD, whichever is present).
I don't think it is that simple.

DS is special case, TD64 either is supported or not, same with NSD. Both TD64 and NSD generally always return same disk size (uses exact same driver calls)

Things get hairy when DS _and_ TD64 or NSD is supported. It is very possible that DS returns different disk size than TD64/NSD.

Which one is correct? I don't think it is necessarily the bigger one..

EDIT: I mean problems happen when updating PFS3 because above would mean change in default behavior.

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