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Originally Posted by thomas View Post
No requester please. SFS has this and it is highly annoying.

There are situations where no >4GB support is present but later there is. For example before LoadIDE has been run for the first time after power-on.

Regarding NSD, yes it is bad to have two command sets which work exactly the same way but only use different command codes. However, now that there is this situation and different drivers support different command sets, it would be nice if file systems would support both (i.e. check once and then use the one which works).
I'll think about this.

Similarly it would be nice to incoporate PFS3 and PFS3ds into one load module which automatically checks which one to use.
Unfortunately this is impossible to do without breaking some existing installations. PFS3 does not care about dostype and there are many PFS3DS installations that use normal PFS3 dostype. (or in worst case whatever hdtoolbox suggests as default..)
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