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I think you misunderstood something. I've got a ClassicWB advsp install here, and it includes a lot of things, amongst these are a PFS3 folder, but nowhere is there a installer. I suspect this is as so many other things inn ClassicWB, at least partly prepared, and ready for use. The question is, how would one use it.

If all else fails, i will download the complete package, and see if it works out better, but at this point i'm sort of afraid to mess to much with it until i know how it's supposed to be used like. At least it seams i managed to restore my install from the backup, and got rid of the nasty "not enough space" thingy, so i can start fiddling with the partitions & filesystems again. Learning by trial and error is a bit faster when it's through WinUAE, and on a CF, then it would have been from floppies, and on the real Amiga. Or it might be slower, since you don't suffer as much when it goes wrong.
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