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Originally Posted by Zetr0 View Post

did you change the KickROM or does Aros 68k work with Kickstart 3.1?
aros 68k will softkick itself either from a floppy or from hd. you can just decompress its main nightly iso image from the aros download page to an amiga formatted hard drive stick it in, push the power button and aros should boot.
if you have no fast internet currently on the miggy, you can use winuae to prepare such a disk.

also there is a way to use zorro rtg cards under aros68k already. mediator pci support, mesa, owb is underway. how this will perform on real hardware remains to be seen. i dont think there will be support for ppc side on p5 cards, warpos or the like any soon and i must say im fine with that as it is aros68k in the end. on the other hand aros is not bound to an (cpu) architecture and all kind of things might happen.
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