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Amiga Rockridge ISO (image creation on windows os)

I don't use any os but xp, read that rockridge gets mixed up on vista with udf. A note for vista or even maybe win7 users to look out for.

Looking Rockridge Mode 1 Form 2 iso images. Just read the blindwrite forum here

Q. I'm interested in copying and creating images of old game CD's -- I'm talking 10 years old and older.

A. Mixed mode CDs contain two sessions, one for audio tracks, and the second one for data. ISO images can only contain one session, so it's not possible to create an ISO of a mixed mode CD.
Further i read that ISOBuster and other sites say that iso can hold, and contain many modes, including custom modes if needed.

The needed amiga extra rockridge extensions are 'P' Pure and 'S' Script as mentioned here. Any software reading amiga cds would need to known about this. Also to handle all amiga charcters on windows. Would have to look at windows to do this maybe at low level, if at all possible. This is where i think it would always be better to copy from amiga cd to iso always on the amiga os. Whether it is a dat or data and audio amiga cd.

What are the windows softwares you use to copy amiga cds that have either mode1 or mode 1 form 2.

To test which software and find the best ones on windows os if possible. We would need software or names, the versions numbers if old versions are better than present software. Or has such test been carried out previously, what was the outcome, links !

Do you think testing is needed to find the best windows iso making software. For amiga rockridge mode 1 or mode 1 form 2 cds to ensure perfect 1:1 copies each time ?
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