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Wrath of the Demon won't run properly.

I'm trying to play Wrath of the Demon (Amiga version ADF files) using WinUAE 1.1.1
I've tried using the following hardware configuration settings:
A500 KS 1.3 OCS Agnus 0.5M chip + 0.5 Slow
A500 KS 1.3 ECS Agnus 0.5M chip + 0.5M Slow
A500 KS 1.3 ECS Agnus 1.0M chip
A500 KS 1.3 OCS Agnus 0.5M chip
A500 KS 1.2 OCS Agnus 0.5M chip
A500 KS 1.2 OCS Agnus 0.5M chip + 05.M Slow

Once in a while, it crashes. However, in most cases, it gets to the following screen:

Once the king is done with his speech, rainbow-like colors start to appear in the borders of the WinUAE window.

The sounds starts to echo and distort, the CPU usage jumps to about 152% and the fps drops to around 33 FPS.

However, when you hold down either "fire" button, the rainbow effects and distortion stop. The CPU usage drops down 44% to and the FPS increases to 47FPS.

Nonetheless, I'm not able to play the game. It seems to just stay at that scene. Disabling the sound doesn't seem to help. I can't figure out why it won't work.

Has anyone had any luck playing it?

The following is a detailed description of what happens when I try to play the game:

The game takes a long time to load. Eventually, there will be text that tells the story of the game. Only at that point can you press the "fire" button on the controller or keyboard and begin the adventure. The text reads as follows:

"Legend tells of a time when fear ruled the land. A time when no man, woman or child was safe from the spread of evil. A time when a fierce demon sent his evil minions to roam through the land and make the kingdom his own. But these legends are from days gone by and little heed is paid to them. That is, until now..."

After you press the "fire" button during that intro, you then see a scene where the hero is brought before the King. The text reads as follows:

"You are summoned before the King. Messangers from all corners of the Kingdom bring news of attacks by evil monsters. You must stop this evil before it spreads further. I fear for the kingdom..."

After the King's speech is made, rainbow colors appear in the background, CPU usage skyrockets to well over 100% and sometimes over 200%, and FPS drops to around 34FPS.

This happens with all hardware configurations I've tried, except KS 1.3 OCS Agnus 0.5M chip. This settings seems to crash the game. (It eventually resets itself, only to crash again at the very same point in the game).

I've also noticed that when you load the ADF files, You see a screen that says:
Skid Row 1990
You then press the left mouse button
Afterwards, rainbow colors appear, CPU usage jumps up to 263% and FPS drops to 19FPS.

You then see a green screen, followed by a black Readysoft screen. At this point, CPU usage and FPS return to normal (CPU usage: 54% FPS:49). The game then proceeds to load normally.

Does anyone know what is causing these problems?

Can anyone figure out how to get the game to work?
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