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Well, my hard drives on the Amiga are

DH0: = Earth
DH1: = Uranus

(I had others drives, but got tired of them for being too small and just took them out and threw them away...)

I had a problem of always getting an AmigaDOS message telling me that DH0: was full, so under this name, the message tells me that
Earth Is Full.
It amused me, anyway. Draw your own sick conclusions about DH1:...

Talking about slang, some of the users in the area I lived in during the glory days would call the CLI ridiculous things, pronouncing it as "clee" or "cly", which I always found to be so completely inane. Then, I was at an ultra-uncool user group meeting once, and some old fart twit was raving about a great new util he found on a Fred Fish disk called LhUnarc (and he pronounced it "loon-ark"). I just stared at him for a brief second and walked away, shaking my head in disbelief...
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