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Most people call the MSX.. well, just MSX really... just M S X . Or "Emee Ésse Xis" here in Brazil (.. I know it's weird, but spanish-talking people will understand, I guess)
Some people here in Brazil call it a strange sound, in english would sould like meesix

the Amiga has always been Amiga too here, I've only seen the term "miggy" in magazines and internet.

The Spectrum here was called "TK" (Tê Ka), because that was the name the producers gave it. If I'm not mistaken the Speccy 64 was TK-85 , and the Speccy 128 was TK-90..

Fissuras, if you're reading this,do you remember more about that? I must admit I don't remember much about the spectrum here in Brazil, when someone said "TK", I always responsed "Bah, bug off, I have an MSX!


Ms. X is pretty cool
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