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Originally Posted by Shatterhand View Post
Oh my god. What is "Vsprites"?

In one hand, I think it could be the issue in this case ?

In the other hand, I would *love* to have a way to multiplex sprites in blitz without resourcing to write asm.
I didn't realise I was the only one who had found this code. I guess you would like access - will upload it to the zone when I get a mo...and start a new thread.

Also, although I couldn't get the priority working, I had a moment of clarity and doodle is now sprite too. Currently have 1 sprite doing all the platforms and 1 sprite for doodle. Still have 6 left - what an embarrassment of riches! Could this be the first Amiga game made entirely from sprites? Will upload a beta soon for testing on 500/600 as I currently have a 1200 030 as my main machine and I am aim for the game to be fast and smooth on a 500. I know you can use WinUAE (I do for programming) but don't trust it compared to real hardware.

The biggest issue is palette as sprites need a bit of planning and last time I tried loading palettes into palettes I couldn't get it to work so I copied the colours manually in to PPaint.
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