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I honestly don't believe the A1200 caused Commodore's bankruptcy. They were in trouble long before that.

I do agree that not having fast ram slots was a huge oversight. The Atari STe, a machine with a very similar form factor to an A1200, was able to fit them in. Let's face it, there's room in the case for them. Commodore were just being tightasses, as usual.

Originally Posted by DofD
I would say of all the people I know that work in offices, that use word processors and office productivity software (lets all use VisiCalc!), other than maybe 3 people, the rest would have zero clue as to what to do with Windows 3.11, never mind the classic word processor. Those offices would come to a crashing halt in minutes, there would be sobbing, tears, blood pressure spikes, etc.
Exactly. And these people have no business being anywhere near a computer. It is the fault of people like this, that computers and operating systems are so dumbed down and designed for the complete moron.

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