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Question need help my A4000 won't start with new A4000 ATX PSU adapter

So wanting to replace my old and trusty original A4000 PSU with A4000 ATX PSU power adapter I purchased a micor-ATX psu that fits nicely into the A4000 PSU chasis BUT....

1-tried connecting micro-ATX and nothing..PSU not starting at all nor A4000 so tried another dull size ATX PSU and same thing
2- contacted Amigakit and they told me it was some 'sense' thing with newer PSU's but I had my suspicions
3- tried starting the PSU without connecting to A4000 and voila PSU started up no problem with following voltage readings:

Grey (what you call purple)-+5.21v
Yellow-+ 12.14v
4- let Amigakit know and they said these readings were fine and adapter was working ok but offered no help as to why it wasn't powering on my A4000

So long story over I turn this mystery over to my fellow amigans and hopefully I'm not the only one in the world this has happened too?&^! :-D :-P come this kinda luck never happens when I buy a lottery ticket ;-) :roll:
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