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Originally Posted by mai View Post

I was just kidding, but there is a story behind:
There is a specific person in this forum (known as good coder/cracker), maybe he gives himself to recognize later.
My original request is more tan 10 years old. I had some chat with this person via private messages.
He told me that he has already created a 4-Disk version with some space for a trainer, but at that time he has not made a proper trainer, so no release until now.
Years ago friendship is broken for various reasons, so cant ask him again.

You could have mentioned my name, wouldn't have changed anything! And the reason for the "broken friendship" was your behaviour, not more, not less!

And guess what, I still didn't code a proper trainer menu for my WOTD 4-disk version (even though all trainer options are implemented for all levels) and you know why? Because I do it when I feel like doing it and sometimes things take longer than expected. And I don't care if you like that or not as I know that you don't have any clue how much work certain things are and what real life (TM) means.
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