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As far as I remember the 5 disk version is horrible and the disk swapping is not very logical i.e. when you see the coloured screen you need to insert some previous disk or something weird.

There are loads of threads about this on EAB e.g. Help getting Wrath of the Demon working

Also, here's one of your old posts from 2002 regarding this:

Originally Posted by Overdoc View Post
Well, this doesn't necessary have to be an emulator problem.
I played the whole Skid Row version and I think it has 5 disks, which I think were cracked from 4 original.
So, on a real Amiga you will sometimes notices that the drive continues to make the same clicking noise over and over again. ( maybe there is also some color in the border at the same time - cannot remember ).
At this time you have to insert disk 5 !
Then, when this clicking happens again, you have to swap disk 5 exactly against the disk which was in the drive before disk 5.
If you fuck something up here then the game won't run correctly !
We definitely need a non-messy 4 disk version...

Until then I've been using the .IPFs but that doesn't help real Amiga users.
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