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Originally Posted by daxb View Post
Yes, that's the BackUp I mean. About DOpus 4.12a I don't know, maybe there is a bug. In 4.15c there was a DateStamp bugfix with filenames longer then 40 chars.
thx, i'm currently running BackUp, let's see what the outcome will be.
//edit: unfortunately not successful. a lot of errors, all errors begin with "MetaC", look like this:
"MetaC: CF_SHARE/backup/20190711/WB3.1/ (Erstellt 04.11.2017 18:44:58. letzter Zugriff 04.11.2017
this example ist the last error of a VERY long list...

Originally Posted by meynaf View Post
If you copy with normal WB it won't alter file dates.
isn't it a bit complicated if you want to backup an entire partition including root directories and files? and what about icon positions?
copying them by drag&drop would alter icon positions on copy. so using this method i can't save original icon positions of drawers.

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