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Great rescue/find and a great video!

Re the monitor settings:

It looks like the modes that didn't display well were some of the DBL*** / Multiscan modes. I've never heard of an A1084 that can't sync to both regular NTSC and regular PAL, and if that had been the problem the display would have rolled but been stable horizontally.

My memory might be incorrect, but as I recall you can simply remove/move the non-displayable monitor definitions from DEVS:Monitors. Not 100% sure if that just removes them from the screen mode requesters or if it also forces existing screen mode selections to switch to one of the definitions that's actually in DEVS:Monitors.

Can't remember the name of the program, but there were some utility which made it possible to force other screen modes than the default/selected on various application. Really intended for switching to more "modern" modes with old software lacking any "modern" screen mode selection, but would work with "modern" programs too (although discouraged as it would be better to use the screen mode selector within the "modern" programs if possible).

I assume that most if not all programs that open their own screens would need to have the screen mode changed, so unless you have some multiscan/"vga-ish" monitor to hook it up to you might save some work by solving the screen mode issue for all programs in one go.
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