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Eek [Video] Team17's original A4000 with Worms files

Seeing as Perifractic (Starglider 2 here) mentioned EAB in his most recent video, I thought there should be a post here about the video. I didn't find one so looks like I'm making one for you (mods please delete if there is already a thread that I missed, thanks).

Anyway, a former developer for Team17 dug out some of his old hardware from his time with the company and did a video with Perifractic on his Retro Recipes Youtube channel.

Link: [ Show youtube player ]

EDIT: Looks like Starglider 2/Perifractic just posted about it in the News forum so this post can be deleted. Seems I can't do it myself though.

***************** mod edit: Rather than deleting your post, I have merged it into Starglider 2's thread.***************

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