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Originally Posted by a/b View Post
Using Winuae, A500 68000 0.5/0.5 OCS max compatibility etc. Press shift+f12 for debugger (custom registers in the topright-ish corner).
- first run: INTENA 6040 (master+external+blitter enabled), INTREQ 0028 (0040 blitter bit is being cleared by interrupt handler)
- after that: INTENA 6000 (master+external enabled), INTREQ 0068 (0040 blitter bit remains set, since the interrupt is disabled and is not clearing it)
Reset Amiga and repeat, the same thing (6040/0028 first run, 6000/0068 after that).
Didn't check the code, this is just what I noticed in debugger. So it seems to me that each finished blit is triggering an interrupt, which does nothing harmful, and is slowing the code down.
Maybe, maybe not. Try explicitely disabling blitter interrupt and see what happens.

Ok. Thanks to your help, I noticed that I was preventing the music routine to run as a lvl 6 interrupt handler, but still restoring the lvl 6 interrupt. So I was not removing the system lvl 6 interrupt handler, and I presume it was restoring the BLT finished interrupt someway.
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