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Originally Posted by a/b View Post
- first run: blitter interrupt enabled
- consequent runs: blitter interrupt disabled

Where? First run and second run seem the same to me, bit BLIT never being set in INTENA:

move.w INTENAR(a5),intena
move.w #$7FFF,INTENA(a5)
move.w INTREQR(a5),intreq
move.w #$7FFF,INTREQ(a5)

move.w #$E000,INTENA(a5) ;For the tune player


(main program)
move.w #$7FFF,INTENA(a5)
move.w #$7FFF,INTREQ(a5)
move.w intreq,d0
bset #15,d0
move.w d0,INTREQ(a5)
move.w intena,d0
bset #15,d0
move.w d0,INTENA(a5)

New: I just made some new tests, and the problem is related to waiting the Blitter to finish (I thought that it occured when the Blitter was drawing lines and not copying data, because I was drawing lines in a loop, which meant waiting for the Blitter to finish several times, and not copying data in a loop).

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