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Originally Posted by vulture View Post
I've a couple of technical questions if you may:
Of course, happy to answer!

Originally Posted by vulture View Post
1. Would it be possible to make the game work out of floppies?
The RESHOOT R engine uses Amiga OS for loading stuff into memory. Therefore it is theoretically possible to use any mounted device as a source drive. But loading the game from floppy disk will not happen. Reason: the very slow loading breaks the whole gameflow. Having said that, I do have a floppy disk version here, which works after installation on harddrive or Ramdisk. Will be released soon.

Originally Posted by vulture View Post
2. On a CD32, could you make it run and play the music from the cd audio tracks?
I could, but for a couple of reasons I decided against it. Main reasons are:
  • The game is sometimes loading while game progresses and music plays. This would not be possible when using CD-audiotracks: Gameflow would break and loading times would increase, which is not desired. RESHOOT R is all about flow
  • In some older games which use CD-audiotracks, like Skeleton Crew, the music is great but to me feels a bit decoupled from gameplay
  • Music and animations are synced occasionally. This also would not be possibel if using CD-audiotracks
  • Last not least: I simply love the Paula sound, it adds Amiga character to the game

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