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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
A fine story --- the only thing wrong with it was:

"upgrade" to a used 386 DX 33 PC.

I'm a bit older, so I had my own money and never had to let my Amiga go.
In fact it now has 5 play-mates

Oh I hear you. Imagine my surprise when I had to "upgrade" the PC by way of a "game card" just to be able to plug in a joystick

And further surprise that I had to now save for a "Sound card" to produce anything even close to the wonderful sounds of the Amiga, rather than the internal speaker "beeps" I'd been reduced to.

In an alternative universe, I'd have upgraded to an A1200 perhaps. Sadly in THIS universe, all I could hear was Andy Cranes voice spouting on about "incompatibility issues".

To be fair, flight sims WERE much better on the PC. Oddly though, I dont actually recall playing many.

I had a TON of the them on the A500 by the time I sold it. let me see the "sims" I had........

F16 Combat Pilot (an impulse buy in London one day, and this became my all time fave)
F29 Retaliator
F19 Stealth Fighter (or was it just "stealth fighter"? The one with the F19 and the F117)
Knights of the Sky
Birds of Prey (I think I actually got that....or was I saving for it? meh)
Armour Geddon
Carrier Command
(We'll just allow those last 2)

Gunship 2000
MS Flight Simulator (yawn)
A10 Tank Killer
TFX (Oddly I dont recall playing this much at all after buying it)

TBH My "simulator" time on the PC was spent mostly in space with:
X-Wing (now OMG that was good)
Elite II and III

But for a long time, and still to this day, the PC had to be accompanied by consoles.

That's why the Amiga stands out to me, and the whole "micro-computer" era.

They WERE "Computers". But they also had games written specifically for the hardware, just like a console.

They really were the best of both worlds.
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