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Originally Posted by amgam View Post
Thanks for the response, it’s the original copy protection we’re having a little trouble grasping. How did it originally work? If we have original game disks that work on the Amiga, then what is stopping a copy of those files working via an Amiga emulator? Is there any way for the emulator to bypass this protection rather than cracking the game? We’re doing this for both preservation and accessibility, so basically the easiest solution to make playable Amiga games using only the original code (if possible).

As for Kickstart, any idea who the gatekeeper is for Amiga gaming? Our searches bring up Amiga Forever, do they share and license out the kickstart rom? Could an easier solution be to produce an Amiga emulator that bypasses all this? We’re just trying to get an idea before we start contacting directly. Thanks again.
ADF files can't carry copy protection data, hence the need to use cracked versions, as they readily read into ADF files with no problems.

ADF files are basically disk images from standard AmigaDOS format disks, the decoding nature of a standard AmigaDOS format disk is known, so they are automatically imaged from a disk into the ADF format which all emulators can run.

The problem with an original disk with an on disk copy protection is it cannot be imaged into an ADF file because typically the copy protection isn't designed to follow the standard AmigaDOS format for obvious reasons.

There might only be one track on the disk that is custom, or as in a lot of cases, the disk format is custom and every single track will show up as an error to a piece of imaging software that is expecting a standard disk format.

There is the IPF format which does preserve the copy protection data without needing to crack the on disk copy protection, but that won't help in the cases of games that refer to needing to looking up a word or symbol from the manual.

With regards to using ADF files from cracked versions, well its quite simple. If you don't want to use the cracked version because of cracktros and other additions, no-one is going to exercise their "copyright" over these cracktros as the original cracks were obviously illegal.

If it really bugged you, its not so difficult to stop these cracktros from appearing in the first place.

And no, an emulator can't simply "bypass a copy protection" system except in some special cases (like dongles), the amount of games the Amiga had, and the protections were varied to say the least.

Copylock was on over 400 games, the emulator cannot "guess" the correct serial key for each game.

However, your questions don't suggest this is a level of expertise you possess to physically do what you want.
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