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Amiga security and original game files

Hello I have a number of Amiga emulation questions I’m hoping to get some advice on.

We’re looking to release some old Amiga titles in their original form. The games have been available online for a long time with crack intros / loaders etc. Obviously we can’t use these versions because they contain code, music and animations we technically don’t have the right to use. We’re going to make our own files but concerned about the Amiga’s copy protection.

Is it possible to make versions of these games, without modifying the game code, that will work easily on emulators such as winuae? It seems ADF format is the most commonly used, but we’re wondering why non-cracked versions don’t seem to exist in this format? If we need to use something other than ADF, what’s the simplest solution?

Also are there ways to play without kickstart rom? We don’t have the rights to this software (if it’s even possible to license) but would rather find a way not to use it. A simple emulator with game disk file is what we’re looking for.

Thanks for any help.
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