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Many people seem to be happy with their Furia accelerator, but as you mention some people have issues with it. I guess it pushes the envelope a bit hard in regards to CPU/mem/CF so it needs the right circumstances to work properly. I think in general, the snap-on method of attaching an accelerator in an A600 can cause many issues no matter which accelerator you install.

If you can find one, then the ACA620 could also be a viable choice. Some people have had stability issues with that one as well, but I found it to be a very nice product and never had any stability issues (if you disregard rev. 1). It is not as powerful as the Furia but provides a very nice boost to a classic A600 setup if you just want to use it for basic WB usage and some games. If you want to go full speed, then I guess there is no way around the Vampire though.
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