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Originally Posted by wairnair View Post
One more thing I tried was going with a full 030 AND disabling CPU caches on the early startup screen. I works 100%, so even cache seems not to be it!
I just think, it's the 030's speed advantage at the micro architecture level why the game fails on the 020.
Any other idea/opinion?
I think.. that's basically it - too much overload of stuff going on, 030 can handle it, 020 can't.

So, I've done one last build. If this one crashes, I'll just abandon it. If it works to everyone's satisfaction, I'll work on hooking up the nukes to second button (for both players) and take a look at CD audio so we can be done with it. Help with testing would be much appreciated since I'll be quite busy with other Amiga projects this weekend.

What I've done is
- Taken the AmigaJay previous version
- Cut even more off the screen, so the score text is completely gone rather than cut in half
- Turned off animated walls, transparency and even sound by default (you can STILL turn these back on if you want)!x7YF1aBJ!xTLHirq5F...7G6BPgn6ghH2T0
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