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Originally Posted by Amigajay View Post
Probably CPU delays as you say, the speech to pick a craft is announced 15 secs before the screen comes up!

No luck getting the Nuclear Blast or Pause buttons working with joy2key.

Though i did use the blank system config and the custom load so you don't get to see the horrid workbench screen, it also skips the really slow intro screens.

You can grab this disc here -!1QsV3aKZ!IKXqj1s1q...gW_NhiD7jH7QPE

I also recommend turning off all background anims and transparency, this may help (or not) i have yet to test on real hardware, but its worth trying for people that have and see if they get any different results.
Great work

Background anims and transparency is probably worth having turned off by default, if it isn't already? I could look at doing that.

Also -maybe- I can get nukes hooked to second button (kind of surprised that, this late in the Amiga life, they didn't bother with at least second button if not full CD32 pad support!).
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