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Thanks guys!

@Cobe sorry it still has issues :/ I'll give it a proper go on my real CD32 sometime. Random question - if you disable sound, do you still get crashes?

@JOTD T-Zero in particular seems to have these glitchy issues even in WinUAE with 020/FastRAM.

Though it seems that shrinking the vertical size of the display with an ugly hack (a copper list hack to redirect all DIWSTART/DIWSTOP writes to the "NOP" register!) has made it at least a little better and less likely to corrupt.

What do you think the problem could be? I get the impression (as a complete layman here) it's something to do with DMA demand, with an 020 instead of the "minimum" 030 the CPU hogs the memory for longer and thus runs into conflicts with audio and graphics, which eventually leads to the screen corrupting. But maybe what I just said was nonsense.
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