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Well, anyway, I thought I'd have a crack at this myself. My attempt (ISO for CD32 with FastRAM) is below.!ZuxhiChC!h26qyOay3...TwOnwq6Wqjp65w

Broadly speaking, there's two issues I had a look at.

Firstly, there's an issue with some games (such as Powder, Capital Punishment and possibly some others) wherein the delay between a file being closed, and the next file being opened, is too short - normally not a problem when a game is run from an HDD, but it is a problem when run from CD. Sir Galahad was kind enough to bless me with such a tool to resolve that issue (closedelay20) and sure enough, when closedelay20 is run the game will at least get to playing the game (eventually.. loading times are pretty slow, and closedelay20 itself introduces artificial delay)

The second problem is.. well, as has been noted, the game crashes after a short time on an 020. I'm not an expert here but my gut told me that it was problematic that the game is taller than PAL vertically, so I did a rough-and-ugly hack that forced it to maintain 256 lines tall the entire time. That at least seemed to work (I didn't play for that long but I did manage to get well past the place it crashed for me last), with the caveat that the game is slightly cut off at the top and the bottom (for instance, part of the "player one" text is cut in half). This could maybe introduce weird graphical issues in places where more than 256 lines tall is expected I suppose..

So, I'll leave it there for now, there's probably not much more I can do on it but (hopefully) it's acceptably playable on a fastram equipped CD32 with a CD drive. If anyone (AmigaJay?) wants to use it for a release, maybe with the CD audio on it, please be my guest - though I'd recommend making sure the game runs from start to finish without any crashes.

Also note that this is untested on real hardware, just WinUAE with CD32, 020, 8MB Fast.
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