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Originally Posted by wairnair View Post
Tried the HDF+CD version with FS-UAE, config similar to a TF328, 020, 8MB fast ram. Unfortunately, it crashed like on the real CD32, during the first mission I got a black screen with some garbage on the bottom then it rebooted. Switched over to an 030 in FS-UAE and I also made it to stage 2 just fine.
So it looks like an 030 is indeed required for this game and it rules out the CD32 unless you're lucky enough to own an SX32.. Too bad as the game doesn't make any use of the extra performance a 030 provides.
Yup, guess a 68030 is required

Originally Posted by wairnair View Post
Otherwise thanks for the HDF+CD combo, it's perfect for say, an expanded A1200 or emulators.
No problem, this one took a while to get everything running perfectly

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