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Well, I have actually finished the game using exactly this Skid Row crack, but I cannot remember for 100% sure how it worked ?!?.
On my disks they were numbered from 0 to 4, but you had to laod from disk 1, afaik, and not from disk 0.
I remember when the screen flashed you had to swap the actual disk for disk 0, and then when it flashed again you had to put in the disk which was in the drive before.

I hope you work it out because it's a great game ! Don't forget you can save the game by pressing CTRL-S during the in-between sequences, because otherwise there is no chance beating the game. And also be sure not to loose any lives in the first levels because the end-of-game boss will eat up at least 3 lives

If you need any help just ask I hope I can remember how I played the game good enough....
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