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Originally Posted by Akira View Post
Can't you mount it further to the front and then make extender cables/plates for all ports to go to the back of the PC case's card rail slots? Would save you a bunch of trouble.
Main issue would be the DB23 connectors, but since you are willing to have a go at metal shaping, it would be relatively easy to adapt a DB-25 plug to DB-23.

I can't see fully from the pic but it might be that there is some space for the motherboard to rest between the PSU and the drive bays.
More of an expense to go with the surface mounted extensions - certainly cleaner. With the 512k trap door expansion, there is no room to move the mainboard closer to the front of the case. I actually have to slice into the 5.25" bays to fit the ram and rtc expansion. Although with GoldCorev3 i wob't need the ram expansion. Would like to keep the rtc tho'.

I could mount the Mainboard horizontal with all rear connection facing down then just route all the cables out the back but I kind of like having access to all the ports from the outside of the case without adding cost. Wife is already giving me a hard time with all the parts I've recently purchased. Bills gotta get paid, kids gotta eat and all that.

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