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SDnet is here, installed and working great. That means I can move forward with this operation:

Task list before actually doing it -

Make up my mind on whether or not to stick with original A500 PSU. I should just do the ATX PSU mod. I just hate the idea of butchering my A500 PSU for the cable.

Update my GoTek to Flashfloppy and do the mini OLED display mod so it fits in the GoTek.

Figure out how to get CFCard Activity LED to the Towercase LED. I'm thinking possibly a fiber optic strand.

Figure out (optional) mounting CF card reader so i can access it without opening up the case. I don't think this will work out as I have other ideas about connecting a CD-rom as a secondary device on the IDE chain. That would definitely complicate mounting the CF.

Figure out the logistics of getting everything securely mounted in the tower case.

And since my Amiga case is crumbling, I do plan to salvage the "AMIGA" imprint on the original case and have it mounted to a 5.25" bay cover.

Plenty of pics and maybe videos too.
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