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Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
You can make do with just one script if you just specify the sourcefile on the command line:
/* blitz automation */
address TED_REXX1
Ok, thanks, I'm no Arexx specialist. I tried to make the process of compiling need as little typing as possible. The automation process is not yet optimal. It would be good to be able to just press F5 in Notepad++ to run a batch file that does the necessary work. One problem is the enter presses the plink process needs before a command to remote shell can be sent. Plink can also take a text file with commands so it should be possible to get all of this automated, but I haven't been able to figure out how.

Originally Posted by idrougge View Post
ARexx can also be used to remove CR/LF (why is that even needed?) using the Strip() function.
Ok, good to know. Ted doesn't seem to like the CR characters (shows as a square in the editor and compile fails).

Originally Posted by tolkien View Post
Good work mate. A question...Is it possible to autocomplete a keyword even if I write it in lowercase?
I cant see the functions in function list window. I have to recheck the installation.

Thanks! I did not manage to get case insensitive autocomplete to work (yet), it might be possible but I couldn't find out how, I found people asking the same but no answers. There is an ignoreCase attribute in the autocomplete xml file but changing the value between yes and no does nothing. Let me know how the function list feature works out for you. EDIT: There is also a functionList.xml in the Notepad++ installation folder, try to add the association and parser there instead to the one in the appdata folder.
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