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Originally Posted by demolition View Post
This is not good news - for my wallet. I already preordered the 600 version which I haven't even received yet, but I will obviously also need to have the 500 version once it gets to that stage. And the possibility of a 1200 version doesn't help at all..
Well.. do you need a vampire in every Amiga? :-)
Poor Amigans, what worldly problems we have to deal with:-) I kind of have a similar dilemma. ;-)
I already have the 600 version and I want a 1200 version.. But my A1200 has a 060 card that I want to keep so I'm waiting for a Amiga Reloaded announcement to get a new mobo to put into my new special edition case. Then one A500 which is pimped up with a 14MHz 68000, +2MB Fasten + Gotek. That one is fine as it is. Then one A500 that I actually meant to keep unexpanded (except for extra mem).
Then we have one of the 2 CD32s that could also use an expansion and frankly I'd buy a Vampire1200 for it too if there was an Adapter available for the proprietary cd32 connector.
So, still missing 2 vampires then :-)
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