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The button=>keys sometimes fail. I suppose the keyboard interrupt trigger has its limits, but it's already very very cool.
It's good to pause, quit, or do something not time critical, but else it's better to have a proper whdload patch.

However, to be able to create working game compilations, it is necessary to automate things a bit.

You'll find my python script + csv file for key mapping/options for working games & generate launcher scripts & descriptions. Paths are relative but hardcoded.
You have to have "CDROOT" subdir, and games in "CDROOT/GAMES". It scans .slave files and extracts info. It matches the slave against the .csv database and creates the launcher scripts with extra options/keys if needed.

If someone wants to help to update the .csv file... (remember: there are defaults, so no need to do every game).
by default:

* blue => space
* green => return
* yellow => left ALT
* play => P
* fwd => F1
* bwd => F2
* fwd+bwd => ESC

@earok: not sure the launcher version was the latest. Source code indicated some extra keys that don't work.
@earok: WOTD does not respond to anything on "get ready" screen even on floppy version on CD32... strange...

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