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For another reason: JST whdload emulation is not perfect and your patch must use some whdload feature not properly supported. Do you provide the source for your install? I'd like to see it.
BTW thanks for the Sinbad update!

@earok look at the stuff I can generate with a nice python script (on windows) that scans whdload .slave (like whdinfo) and creates the .start / .txt files.
As a bonus, the tool can read a .csv file and inject redirection for joypad buttons & slave CUSTOM options => no more editing by hand, and no more typos.
The game name (key of everything) is computed not from the .slave name but from the internal name in the .slave (if slave is recent enough: counter example: WOTD)
I just saw that I should "wrap" the text or the rightmost part won't be displayed.

Do you have source code for that AMS thing? It's cool but lacks some features, for instance:
- ability to navigate quickly with joy left/right (like MAME4Droid): when the compilation has a lot of games, it's a bit tedious to reach letter "Z"
- wrap around with "up": addams family => Z-out
- ability to quit to WB with ESC or LMB/RMB

Click image for larger version

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