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Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
About the ghosting, take out the indi, clean all the contacts with a rubber eraser and alcohol or isoprophyl alcohol and refit it.
Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Compact Flash adaptor plus ribbon GBP 2,69

Cheap 4GB Compact Flash USD5,67

You'll get 4Gb against 85mb you've got, and store a lot of programs/games inside. Faster, no noise and if you like in the future with a cheap adaptor you can connect it to any PC to transfer files with WinUAE.
Thank you so much Retrofan. Someone has very kindly offered to send me a CF card setup. I'm not sure if it's okay to name them but I am very grateful for their incredibly kind gesture and I should have a CF setup in the next few days

I did try cleaning following your advice and the buds were dark aftewards. So they clearly were a little dirty. The picture still looks the same though.

Originally Posted by rare_j View Post
You could see if cutting a hole in the caddy works. Then you can mount the hdd on little riser nuts that you can get from computer shops that sell fixings. This lifts the hdd clear of the board. If the hdd is thin enough it will fit and the case closes. This is how mine fits with a flicker magic.
Originally Posted by Jope View Post
Just insulate the bottom of the 2.5" disk with a bit of cardboard and lay it on top of the indi.. Perhaps fasten it with a rubber band. :-D

Why bother with the HD tray, the screw holes don't line up with any modern HD anyway. ;-)
Jope, that sounds like a solution I would go with if I was keeping the 85MB HD.

Originally Posted by demolition View Post
The ghosting looks like it is caused by signal reflections in the VGA cable. This is due to mismatched impedances at one or both ends. Using a shorter, better quality cable should improve on things.
I may try and source a shorter cable, although I'm not sure what would constitute a better quality cable. The ones I have work fine on Lin/Mac/Win so I would need something besides the standard affair that came with these monitors.

Again, thank you to the donor of a CF card setup. I've actually been quite emotional since I received the PM. And my wife now gets why I love the Amiga scene so much Looking forward to returning the favour some time, for somebody.
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