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Originally Posted by jack-3d View Post
Thank you! That's a viable option and I will most likely do that.

Originally Posted by Retrofan View Post
Come on, get a CF adapter, a ribbon and a cheap 4Gb CF and you are done.
If it would solve a problem I'd get one, but I think the solution above is even more cheap. I'm not working at the moment so the AGA was the last purchase for a while really.

Originally Posted by supaduper View Post
To be honest the AGA will not fit/go with your set up of 2.5" Hard drive you really need to use a CF with it as you can now see the problem

also you are probably shorting out something on the AGA with it in contact with then Hard drive caddy, so please don't use it like this you will damage something.

CF`s are cheap, so really that's what I would do swap out the HD for one
Thanks supaduper. I removed the HD entirely. It didn't help with the ghosting but I'll insulate it using the method jack-3d posted to.

I don't see many threads on the ghosting. Is it likely to be a fault wit hthe unit I received? EUR200 is a lot to spend on something that doesn't look right. I guess it might be time to log a ticket at AmigaKit support.
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