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Originally Posted by Zippy Zapp View Post
Wow, I guess I missed something. Is there info on the 1221? I have 2 stock 1200's that are begging for expansions. I went to retroami to get a 1220 but I guess I was too late. I am going to order the A500 model soon. Thanks for the Commodore support!
It's over in the ACA500 thread, starting at post #519:

No release date yet. The bare circuit boards are made in China, and they won't be finished before Chinese New Year. Same problem with the memory chips, which I am importing from Taiwan where they also have these holidays. I hope to be able to give a firm release date by the end of February. *Maybe* I'll make it this quarter.

I published pics of the prototype on if I remember right. Or maybe here - too lazy to search now :-)

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