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Originally Posted by Schoenfeld View Post
That would be a legal problem:
There is always the red tape. Trust the government to make things as hard as possible.
But yeah, as i turns out, your not actually that dismissive of the idea, it's just the matter of finding a viable way of actually making it happen. And since you need at least a couple of 100 orders to run a batch, lead-time to track down the hardware, and so on, it seams there is a bit of tape to cut through. There has to be a way to make a binding agreement without paying "now" but then there also has to be a way to hold the "other part" in this case you, accountable. Something like a latest date of delivery, or at the very least a "point of no return" at which point buyers pay, and know when to expect the hardware. Anyway, as i said, i to am not a potential buyer, i fully expect to have my A1200 for the rest of my active "Amiga" life. You did good, the ACA-1230/56 is rock solid, and the Indivision MKII, even if i have my grievances with it, does what it said on the box. I just need to figure out the video-modes, but... It's a working piece of art.
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