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...not really the correct category but I'll put it here anyway

One of my pet hates is when crackers / groups bastardised important game screens with rubbish

In my WinUAE collection of 2290+ games; here are 2 of the worst:

Legends of Valour (original):

Legends of Valour (hacked):

Ziriax (original):

Ziriax (hacked):

I've managed to "fix" Legends of Valour by copying the original file from the .IPF --> .ADF

Unfortunately with Ziriax I can't do this as the game is Non-DOS

So, Galahad (or anyone else), could you possibly apply the original Ziriax title screen to this file for me?

Ziriax (1990)(Software Business)[cr Black Monks][t +3 FSN].adf
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